Creative IT is the leading name in affordable and prompt Laptop keyboard repair and replacement services. Regardless of whether you are a home or office user, are experiencing a simple or more complex problem, or require a repair or complete replacement; we are here to offer you the best quality service at cost effective rates and in a timely fashion. We aim to satisfy every customers keyboard needs!

It can be a frustrating experience to discover that you have a cracked key or your keyboard is displaying the incorrect characters on screen, but you can entrust your laptop keyboard repair or replacement requirements to our expert team. We have many years of experience and qualifications in keyboard repair and can troubleshoot or fix any issues.

Signs of Laptop Keyboard Wear or Damage

  • Displaying wrong or incorrect symbols and characters
  • Sticky keys due to corrosion over time or liquid damage
  • Damaged or broken keys due to misuse or constant use
  • Keyboard keys are not functioning correctly
  • Keyboard types letters instead of numbers, Extra information here at laptopstandboss, or vice versa
  • Laptop keys are randomly or complete unresponsive
  • Missing or cracked keys on the keyboard
  • Single or multiple keys have become detached
  • Keyboard keys are worn through

Creative IT has everything needed for an efficient Laptop keyboard repair or replacement!

Creative IT assures you of a professional keyboard repair, regardless of the cause of the keyboard damage or failure. If you have dropped your Laptop and caused a key to crack, or spilt your morning coffee, you don’t need to look any further than Creative IT. We have in stock brand new Laptop replacement keyboards to fit quickly and at an affordable price. If your computer merely has individual missing or damaged keys, retainer clips or rubber cups we are able to fit these as an inexpensive alternative to completely replacing the entire keyboard. Our impressive inventory leads to a much more efficient keyboard repair or replacement service for all.

Providing a wide range of options for customers near and far

Our keyboard repair and replacement services are provided from our office that located in Aix and we provide a convenient walk-in service for nearby customers. Our office hours are 9am to 6pm, Monday to friday and in some cases we might even be able to undergo your repair or replacement while you wait.

We also appreciate that some customers are unable to visit the store themselves and may require a more flexible service. For this reason we provide our customers with the opportunity to have their faulty or broken keyboards collected or sent to us via dependable and fast courier services. No matter where you are located, we are able to find a repair option to suit you.